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05/01/19 | 13:29PM
Verizon ruined my credit.

I cancel Verizon because I moved and payed everything I owed and return everything. Then Five months later I noticed that my credit dropped 75 points due to a final charge they tried to squeeze in there. I called the transunion and they could not prove the charge and everything is now fixed. Nevertheless I'll never be a Verizon customer.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2E7F3D

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05/02/19 | 20:15PM
Reminds me of the old Brian Fellow Safari Planet bit on saturday night live in the 90s:

(The “loud mouth parrot” is seen above Brian Fellow’s head in a thought bubble talking on a phone)

Parrot: I want a new stereo with a tape player and really big speakers sent to my birdhouse! And send me the bill! I’m Brian Fellow!

Brian Fellow: Hang up that phone!

Denny McClain: Sc-Scuse me?

Brian Fellow: That bird was tryin’ to buy a stereo with my credit card!

Denny McClain: Um, of course he is. Uh, now-now as I was saying, during the molting process the tarantula is extremely vulnerable to prey.

Brian Fellow: That bird better PRAY he don’t screw up my credit!

Denny McClain: What are you talking about?

Brian Fellow: I’m just gonna go get a BB gun and shoot that bird’s eyes out!

Denny McClain: L-L-Look I don’t think you have to worry about that bird impersonating you.

Brian Fellow: Really?

Denny McClain: Yeah, really.

Brian Fellow: I guess you’re right.

(The bird appears above his head again)

Parrot: Hello, QVC? This is Brian Fellow. I want to buy a birdcage with bars made of solid gold! My credit card number is five four eight four-

Brian Fellow: Stop it!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 20E6EB

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