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05/23/19 | 12:55PM
DSL..one line...two accts

So, been a long time customer of VZ over 12 years, but about a year ago, the billing department decides I need a new account number "to better serve my needs". So, now I get billing on two accounts and the low rate I was promised and signed up for disappears. Months of phone calls to get straightened out...at each venture the infamous "we'll put a ticket in" so now it shows a credit "old" account number, but "new" account number is slaying me at full pop for what is best described as crappy DSL...good enough at agreed to promo price, but not worth the slow speed at full price...long story short...they could NEVER fix my dual billing issues so after many frustrating calls, I cancel the entire debacle. Now, they send me a bill for the shitty DSL and I am getting a refund for the credit on the "old" account...are you fucking serious?? Call to tell them I should not be held responsible for the higher bill...speak to a supervosor, no avail...they know I am not ever coming back, so nothing to lose. VERIZON SUCKS!!! I will never use them again...moved cell service away years ago....now they get nothing and the NY operations will slowly circle the bowl and it loses more and more customer...I know this will not recoup anything from VeriSUCKS but I felt good to get it out.

Scott C in Upstate NY - Verizon H8er ID: D1AB59

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06/07/19 | 2:24AM
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meaganrm60 - Verizon H8er ID: F772C6

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