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04/11/11 | 14:49PM
No more 1 Year Contract??

I am very upset after reading on the Boy Genius Report that you
will no longer be offering 1 year contracts. No offense but, my
opinion of Verizon being a value is going away.

Here is how I feel about Verizon from my perspective as a
customer looking in:

2 year contracts no longer allow for the annual upgrade? Am I

2 year contracts no longer allow for New Every 2 as you folks
discontinued this, correct?

You reduced your return policy to 14 days from 30 days?

Paying a premiere price with a forced data plan on a smartphone
in my opinion wins you back your subsidy a whole lot faster and
the promise that I might get a flyer in the mail offering me a
special upgrade is not convincing to me.

I am a heavy data user and use my phone heavily. Having current
equipment is important to me. This is what was so appealing to
me with the 1 year contract. I felt this is the only solution where I
could have a discount on a device and still get new equipment.

I almost switched carriers 2 weeks ago because I wanted a
device with a front facing camera for video calls. I am a radio dj
and try to be as viral as possible. Currently the only offer was an
LTE device in a non 4g area.

I was ready to switch to t mobile as local coverage was as good
as Verizon. I changed my mind after learning t-mobile
discontinued their 1 year contract as well.

After that t-mobile experience my loyalty grew for Verizon until

I am sure this will soon be the norm across the board. I know
when 1 carrier does something, everyone else soon follows. I am
tempted to go gsm as 3rd party retailers for my phone are easier
to obtain on gsm than CDMA.

I get that you guys are spending a lot of money on building out
4g, but please revisit the loyalty and products you offer your

I also hope someone in management reads this and thus email
doesn't sit in the replies folder and I get a cookie cutter pre
approved standard reply.

Thank you for listening

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 96214D

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