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04/13/11 | 12:45PM
Wouldn't cancel acct and lied about transferring and refund

I made 3 calls to cancel my account b/c I was moving. First rep wouldn't help b/c I didn't know my acct number. I had every other peice of info except that. 2nd call I got transferred and then was hung up on. 3rd call I actually got a nice person who tried to help. I was trying to just get the service transferred to my roommates name as I was moving out and she was staying, didn't want to have to ship back boxes only to get ones mailed back to her. The rep said this should be fine and she just needed to call back and give a reference # that she provided me. Told if she called back within 24 hours than there wouldn't be any interruptions in service. Well, she called and got it setup which took 2 calls b/c people didn't know what they were doing and the service still got cancelled and shut off. She had to call a 3rd time herself only to have them tell her we needed new boxes. Installer had to come back out, pick up my boxes and give her new ones. Very inefficient and stupid. Now, 2 months later, I'm due a refund of almost $100 and it's taken me another 2 calls. 1st call was 5 weeks after service turned off and I was told I would get the $ back onto my credit card that I used to pay my bill every month. Another 3 weeks later of nothing so I called back. Now it was a 30+ minute call to be told that they have to mail a check and it will take 30 business days for that to go out.

My experience with the Verizon Fios installer a couple years ago was great; very professional and nice. Customer service is terrible. The 800# has the worst menu options and the people are uneducated, half that I spoke to were rude, and most of what I was told didn't happen. What a terrible company.

Albert - Verizon H8er ID: EEAB05

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04/13/11 | 23:49PM
Verizon is big, inefficient, and arrogant. Upon closing my account, a refund of $100 was due to me. Numerous phone calls resulted in the same delay tactics (Our treasury department must first approve refund). Complaint was filed with FCC and refund was finally received after 3 months. So glad to leave Verizon!

ExVerizon client - Verizon H8er ID: 01879C

04/19/11 | 4:16AM
I cancelled them out tonight..I have to get up in the morning and look for another carrier....I dont do well with companies like Verizon....I find myself cursing them out with every phone call I make....so the toxic relationship Verizon and i had was not good at all...it was best that I leave and they leave me the hell alone....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0E1376

03/09/19 | 21:44PM

Russellclice - Verizon H8er ID: A5FFBB

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