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04/18/11 | 5:20AM

This is my story why I'm not renewing contract with Verizon after four years.

#1 When I spoke to customer service I specifically asked for verizon to provide service competitive with vendors like Straight Talk, or Metro PCs. The fact is they bluntly denied the request. We'll never see verizon offering $50 ulimited everything.

#2 When I got excited with all the hype of the iphone I specifically called to buy two iphones for my family account. They said they would only sell one iphone per account and that could only be the primary. Since I wanted to install the iphone on the secondary they forced me to change phone numbers. And when I changed primary account numbers I lost a $30 credit I had earned, but I wasn't aware of it yet. When it was time to purchase the iphone verizon told me I could buy the iphone for any line I would pick or I could buy two phones for my two lines. When I ordered,the credit never appeared. I realized and specifically requested the credit, which the verizon rep could not help me with. He was literally useless unable to resolve the situation. When I threatened that I was considering not renewing my service if they didn't give the $30 credit that I had earned, then he transferred me to the manager. The manager told me they would take my order with the $30 credit. Thinking that the credit had already gained clearance, I spoke with another rep to place the order ($400 order for two iphones) the lady told me they had just ran out of stock and I would have to wait until the full release to buy it. The prerelease had already sold out.

When it was time to buy the phone on the regular release I called customer service to order the phone and the credit was not there. The representative told me the truth of what had happened. (or he thought happened). The truth is that I should have never being told to change my primary line. The rep that advised me doing this did not know what was happening at the time. When I called to place the order, the team receiving the order were not able to resolve the $30 credit because they were no authorized to give discounts. He said that in order to get my $30 credit back I would need manager approval for it and my account had never this approval received.

All these incidents and many other charges suddenly appear because of extra service I end up incurring by mistake are really making up my mind and my decision to resign from the iphone and look for the most valuable option and Verizon is not it.

Gerry - Verizon H8er ID: 978F84

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03/22/19 | 8:26AM

Varlambom - Verizon H8er ID: D61006

04/17/19 | 22:53PM

BrentzEd - Verizon H8er ID: FDE972

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