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04/18/11 | 20:04PM

When I get a phone bill and you cannot tell me what the charges are for...then we are DONE!!!

Officially paying 400.00 today to get out of my contract...sick of being on the phone ever damn month about charges that does not make any sense then saying "oops our bad, we overcharged you." Well, oops my bad for even picking you as a company....


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8C6EA3

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04/19/11 | 4:07AM
same here...i was done wit them 4 hours ago...wrote them out a 300.00 check and told em they can kick rocks with an open toe shoe....i rather deal with poor signal than the bullsit they put me through....one rep even had the nerve to say, she understood my fustration...i almost asked her for her address so i could kick her ass cause if she did then she would be able to explain why my bill jumped from 127.43 a month to 240.00....O I know(sarcasm)..a second line was added to my phone without my knowledge...and nobody at Verizon can tell me who authorized it...."Go get a police report, blah blah blah." No, disconnect my line....PERIOD..

I dont deal with nonsense too long...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AFF7A1

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