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04/21/11 | 21:07PM
Fraud to my wireless account

I have been ignored by Verizon as to the purchase of equipment and additional line to my account. Realizing ID theft to my credit cards, I asked Verizon store in Greenville Oh., how to protect my account in April 2010. They told me to add a five letter password to my account, this would mean only I could access it. They also told me no one else could make changes to my account because I was the account manager. I tested it several times, it always worked. Wrong. ( later) On July 2 I asked to have my two extra lines to be terminated and turned my equipment for those lines in as stolen. Followed it up with a second phone call and she said that all was taken care of. It wasn't. Being paperless and automatic payment, I didn't catch that they didn't terminate the lines. October 7, 2010 my account was tampered with without my consent or phone calls to the changes. It obviously wasn't me, she was a female, I'm a male. they let her in with my SS# only, without using my password(verizon store). The equipment should have been caught...Suppose to be listed as stolen with Verizon. Two wrongs here and they still allowed a new phone, reassigning a phone( marked as stolen...suppose to be) signed contract raising my termination fees from $125.00 to $340.00 and added a line. I received an email to my phone about the changes. I called the store Xenia Oh....I'm Centerville IN. another big clue you would think there is something wrong. The store manager realized their wrongs, wrote credits to me but denied by Verizon Fraud department. Anyone (many)I have talked to in Verizon customer service, their supervisors or in many Verizon stores all agree that I should be credited. One employee really tried to help me by making several calls, but still denied. I have done everything I could to protect myself, using Verizon employees advice and Fraud says no. So I want to terminate all that is happened that day, again listing the equipment as stolen and I can't because the fraud team is investigating the issues. Now months later being denied any resolutions to these problems, the lines I wanted terminated (3) have been building up charges since October. I advised the store manager and customer service of my concern to this immediately... they said they they understood and would correct the charges later. LOL LOL LOL :((( They won't do nothing, now will cost me more to correct. Customer service wants to but have no authority as to what is right to their customers. I been paying my bill all along for the line and phone I have being a responsible customer. Verizon employees making many mistakes will not be held to their responsiblies and I am suppose to pay. Where does one go when you can't get the service customer service, store manager, store employees, have no way to help you through their mistakes? I have left message after message to Verizon Fraud, they will not return a call to me. Called some Phone #'s I have found to Verizon EXE. , left messages no return calls. I have sent emails to many...no replies Customers have no rights to their wrong doings. Can anyone give a hand?

Dwight - Verizon H8er ID: EB0B37

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04/16/19 | 3:23AM

SergioBeild - Verizon H8er ID: FE99E7

05/06/19 | 21:03PM
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rosalindapc60 - Verizon H8er ID: 79C738

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