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04/22/11 | 3:19AM
My Verizon Hell

Well let's see.. back in the end of March, my service was turned off for nonpayment. Around the first of April, I paid $160 to get my service turned back on and was charged a $30 fee as well. My service has been pretty shoddy for months now to be honest and I have spent many hours talking to Verizon on the phone about this. But this month of April, my service was so slow, I could not even watch videos streaming without them buffering multiple times during the video. I pay for the fastest DSL plan they offer. At any rate, I was told on the 6th that a technician would be out to look at my problem. Never mind that I had dial up service for a time with another company because my internet service was turned off and never even got an appropriate response as to how to set up my DSL modem again. Anyways, I waited on the 6th for the technician to show up between the 1 and 5pm window period. He never showed. I called the dispatch department and they said there was an outage in my area, so that was why he did not show. They told me my internet issue was related to the outage, so I waited like an idiot patiently calling every day for an update until the 11th of April for my internet to be working fine again. No such luck. I had previously ordered a modem from Netzero and used that for a time until the service was shut off. Verizon told me that my service was fine, so I plugged my modem in, but still it did not work at all now. So then I was given numerous excuses, hours on the phone, transferred from department to department until Saturday, April 16th where I was told the technical department had decided my internet did not work because using Netzero had capitalized on my line. So on Monday the 18th, I was told to disconnect my service after waiting since Saturday for the sales department who dealt with this issue was open again. I disconnected my service and was told it would be back on in a few days. Now it is Thursday and I have been fighting for four days to get my service on. Spent an hour on the phone this morning patiently waiting for the sales person to contact someone about the central office being closed. I had been told it was impossible to get my internet back by numerous people. But I persisted. Then the sales woman told me my internet would be on by 6pm today April 21st. I woke up at 9pm, plugged in my modem and no such luck. Called the technical department. Spent an hour on the phone with them. No answers. Was told to call again in the morning on Friday. Please address this matter with this business. They are clearly the most inefficient, incompetent company I have ever dealt with in my life. How people in India who are brainwashed have any clue how to fix my issues is beyond me. Verizon has absolutely no right to treat a customer of two years like this. I have spent endless hours on the phone with these jerks to no avail. I will be suing them for my time spent on this issue and their shoddy business practices.

Jennifer Riggin - Verizon H8er ID: 2E5CE6

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04/23/11 | 14:04PM
Good luck tyring to sue them, you're just wasting your time. Your 1st mistake was having DSL with Verizon in the first place. DSL or (Damn Slow Line) in Verizon's case is a waste of time unless you are close to the central office (C.O). DSL has limitations. It only works decent within 18,000 feet (18kf) of the C.O. AND that depends on the quality of the copper line itself. Most of the copper plant is junk and Verizon is not spending money to replace or upgrade it because it's outdated period. If I were you I would look into broadband with your cable TV provider. Much better speeds and better reliability. I know I used to be a tech with Verizon before I retired. Trust me DSL SUCKS...........Even when I was working for them I had broadband with my cable company. And don't ever believe what they tell you on the phone. Chances are if there was an outage in your area and you had a landline with them it would be out of service as well. They will tell you anything to quiet you. GET RID OF THE DSL...................

Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: 170854

04/24/11 | 17:20PM
Ex Vz tech is right the plant is junk. In fact so much junk that when you had the service disconnected the lack of voltage running through your line might have been the only thing keeping it "dry". Even if your under 12K from CO just like VZ tech said you need to be much closer. The closer means fewer taps/resistance & fewer aireal cable runs susceptible to damage/water/moisture related problems.

Irregaurdless it's Verizon's job to fix it OR start giving you & other DSL customers DSL speed over fiber. The grand plan is to manipulate everyone into fiber and abandon/sell off the copper plant.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EDD62E

02/24/19 | 14:02PM

nuRnsick - Verizon H8er ID: D61449

03/30/19 | 7:52AM
parking sensor

Indeed, the region of mobility is prepared for a shift. Blockchain technology has developed tremendously in the past couple of years. As anyone acquainted with starting up understands, building applications is the simple piece.

A detector is set up on the trash can, revealing the degree of fullness. Both detectors have the specific resolution that\'s 3-4 centimeters. The ultrasonic sensors function as a dependable object detection platform for business vehicles.

This manner demands continuous power so that you need to connect the sensor to an electrical socket. Sensor 2 may function as downstream sensor.

The end result is going to be a world that\'s inherently brighter, however there\'s also a impulse to make communications systems thinner and centralised. The healthcare business is seeing an rising number of counterfeiting cases daily. Systematic errors can occasionally be paid for by means of some sort of calibration strategy.

Warning beeps enable you to know that there\'s an obstacle behind you. From calibration, the errors that might occur in detector surgery may not be reduced to zero, but nevertheless, it can significantly lower the external effects that can end in the recurrence of their erroneous values. Within this mode the detector will sleep the majority of the time and just report KWh.

The truth of the distance is depending to numerous components, the period of the cable is one of the factors. Dependent on the frequency of this radio, the antenna must be cut to various lengths. Front sensors might be activated manually and deactivated automatically as soon as the vehicle reaches a predetermined rate to prevent following nuisance warnings.

Fiat claim there\'s a issue with all the chips and they can\'t be reprogrammed. Usually, some mechanical experience must install such accessories. If you\'re thinking of locating a Nissan Almera available, we\'ve got ten interesting truth about the Almera that you may not have known.

There are additional accessories that are intended to earn a vehicle more fun to drive. Note, it may want to get painted to match your vehicle. Parking sensors have come to be the hottest essential alternatives for cars and these are able to be easily retro fitted to all vehicle makes.

You\'re in a position to see more about the kind of service provided by the Toradex modules . Communication is accomplished from the consumers of another automobile which also eliminate this gadget.

Parking assists enable you to park more easily. Choose from an range of LED colour screens according to your wants and budget and don\'t be reluctant to browse our guide to procure more complex info about which of our speakers or screens is ideal for you.

Though some cars have parking sensors set up, these may necessitate replacement from time to time. Garage Parking Sensor is a gizmo that can enable you to park your car an perfect distance from the wall each time. You\'ll have them colour coded to your vehicle, we give an entire match to the majority of cars.

There are two drivetrains that could occur in new Escape. The purpose is that not only are you able to rate the amount of involvement for parking, which assists the towns handle new parking initiatives, Sorrell states. Trying to discover a free parking place can be hard, especially for people who reside in enormous cities.

It is not hard to set up and very trustworthy. The ICs have to be mounted on holders. Give the links based on the circuit diagram.

Kevinsix - Verizon H8er ID: 7DDABE

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