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04/24/11 | 0:50AM
Verizon doesn't honor offers from call center

I bought the new HTC Thunderbolt and got DoA (Dead on Arrival) after DoA. I should of just returned the dman thing and ate the $35 dollar restocking fee. I got a brand new Thunderbolt on the last day of my 14 day trial and it was defective the volume rocker was stock and the side was loose. I went back to the store they had to order me a warranty exhcange which was a total piece of shit. Call into the center get a nice rep and they "order" me a brand new one. Upon checking on the status I get story after story after story, after gathering all the information. Each time the reps are stating on since the offer was made to you wer Verizon as a company have to honor it. Now I call today and get a rep that says they don't have to honor what the center said and I'd have to go through warranty and there would be a slight chance they could honor the managers offer. Fuck Verizon Fuck them to hell.

Fuck Verizon - Verizon H8er ID: 9B3C31

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12/26/18 | 8:26AM
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KeithDriny - Verizon H8er ID: 108893

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