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04/25/11 | 17:23PM
Unauthorized Charges

For 4 months I was being charged $21.00/month for a bundled game package that I NEVER authorized. I dont even have a clue how to access the game package. I called and spoke with a disrespectful rep who claimed that an offer was made to me in an email and that if I did not cancel the service I would be billed for service. She said it was my fault for not looking at the bill each month. So I guess not looking at emails and looking at my bill with a magnifyign glass each month constitutes unauthorized charges. Verizon is full of shit

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FC61FB

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04/29/11 | 16:19PM
I hope this gets out to everyone with landline, internet and tv services through verizon. Don't call verizon to lower your bill. Big mistake. It isn't going to happen. The person you call has sales pounded into his/her head and is so greedy that they will make sure to add anything to your account and most of the times without you knowing it. The commission will be made. If you have to make the call then call back immediately after and hope an honest person can tell you what's on your account and remove the extras. Because there are notations left in these accounts that you might have agreed to these things it makes it that much harder to get the credit back. You don't know it right away, but you'll be charged for things you possibly didn't even talk about.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DE1663

03/07/19 | 3:26AM


Justinwrorb - Verizon H8er ID: AF420F

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