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04/29/11 | 23:33PM
Cancelled Service

We are moving about two miles down the road. We needed service cancelled at our current address and moved to our new address. They got the service order wrong, giving us a new number instead of transferring the old one, and cancelling service at our current address a week before they were scheduled to activate at our new address, leaving us without service for a week! I called last night and spoke with 'Dominick', who assured me he could fix the problem. He took down my info, said he cancelled the stop service order, created a new order for next week, and changed the order to make sure we get the correct number. Woke up this morning to NO PHONE SERVICE! Called Verizon and was told that the cancellation order was never cancelled. Even though we had a confirmation number from 'ol Dom, this lady said he never entered the order, and now there was nothing we could do. We have no phone service, and Verizon doesn't care. They admitted they screwed up, but refused to change it - didn't offer to fix it.... Learning to hate them~

ChasMeister - Verizon H8er ID: 4B0198

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04/30/11 | 10:28AM
id get rid of them they will keep screwing you if you dont belive me give it six months i bet you will be charged for stuff you dont have

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3E9C7A

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