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05/04/11 | 23:09PM
Verizon Owes me money and won't give it back

Well, verizon was charging me 152.00 a month for phone service so I decided that I'd get out of my contract and pay the greezy 300. well I paid them the rest of 272.92 cents and because they had already made themselves accessible to my account they came back and took 270 extra dollars out of my account. The same day I noticed they took it, I called them and they gave me all kinds of run around before they told me it would take them 40 days to give it back and it would come in a check. I asked them as fast as they took my damn money why can't they give it back that fast? They gave me some bullshit answer. Still lhaven't gotten my money back. I'm pissed because i don't think they're making an effort. I intend on getting my money back or they're going to seriously have a fuckin problem on their hands.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A4D65D

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05/09/11 | 0:22AM
Sounds like it's time to lawyer up friend.

Gallant - Verizon H8er ID: 6EA2C6

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