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05/07/11 | 8:39AM
I'm sure glad I never had them as a carrier

Never could qualify for Verizon (due to bad credit), but after reading some of these stories, I'm sure glad I never had them as a carrier. My girlfriend and her family have the "family plan", they scoffed at my Boost/Sprint coverage, which I get unlimited text, web, and talk for 45.00 per month. Yeah, it's not 3G or even 4G speeds, but it's decent. Meanwhile, they all pay upwards of 70.00 per month and get ass raped with limited texts and talk minutes...I'm surprised Verizon is still in business! But, apparently it's because of stupidity!

Laughing At Hillbilly Girlfriend and Her Fami - Verizon H8er ID: 91AAF8

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