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05/07/11 | 21:45PM
The Saga Continues

My mother is moving at the end of the month and her Verizon services are supposed to end on the 30th. Verizon cut her services on the 5th or 6th. We found that out when she tried to make a call early on the 6th. My brother called Verizon on the 6th, finally setting up a new account in his name but with her old number. He was promised all services would be restored within an hour. Then he was promised that services would be restored in two hours. Then it was by 4:00 and then it was by midnight. By the end of the day, he'd spent six hours on the phone with Verizon and the only thing that was working again was the internet, but not my mother's Verizon email account.

I got up on the 7th (today) and got on the phone. I've spent probably four hours on the phone with Verizon today. Each person doesn't understand why we don't have phone and TV service. Each person starts with the same questions and argues about whether my mother has Fios or not. Each person says that nothing can be done on the weekend, despite the fact my mother is 85 years old and has a history of heart problems. Each person finally agrees that this is an emergency and that something can be done on weekends. They they send text messages to my mother's cell phone with updates, although my mother lost her ability to read after a stroke last year and doesn't even know how to find text messages.

My mother keeps asking why she's paying for Fios when Verizon keeps telling us she doesn't have it.

The worst is that a technician came out at noon today, decided that he couldn't do anything, closed the ticket and left. He never rang our bell, he didn't leave a note, and he didn't tell anyone that a different sort of technician had to come out. We waited until 3:30 before calling to find out where the promised technician was and it wasn't until 4:30 that the person "helping" me discovered that the technician had been here and closed the ticket without solving the problem.

The one person who was nice and helpful from beginning to end, cut me off instead of putting me on hold.

We're now waiting for a competent technician to come out. We've lost a day that was supposed to have been spent organizing my mother for her move. We have no idea whether various people (movers, packers, hunks with trucks, lawyer, etc.) have been trying to call or email my mother.

I hate Verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4AB326

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YakunEcoma - Verizon H8er ID: 555084

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