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08/24/06 | 23:04PM
Store how Verizon can screw you.

I'm former Verizon customer. I singed a contract in June 2004. Two years I had a very good service. I was happy with my phone, with their taking care of any problems in bills. I told all my friends - if you need a cell phone - get Verizon. In June 2006 I had a phone call from one of their representative, who offered to renew my contract because it's good time for this, and they have good deals for headsets and bla-bla-bla. I said I was going to change my plane from Single to Family, but I'm not ready to do it this time and will wait for couple month. But after good research I found Family plane what is cheaper than theirs. In August 7 I've changed from Verizon to Cingular. And I was really sorry to left Verizon - I did like them. It's too bad they don't have roll-over minutes and Family plane less than $70. And today I have received a bill with $182 - with cancellation fee. I called to customer service and their answer was - no, your plane is till September 1. And they nicely reminded me that in September 1 2004 I've change from Local plan to National (with same price), and it was extended contract. Yes, I did changed it, when, again, their representative called me and offer to change from one to another without one word about extended contract! Don't I look stupid to cancel contract, if I have known, three weeks before expiration????
I've talked to manager - I doubt he was real one- and he said I can come back to them and they will waive this fee.
Now I can tell you - Verizon representative is sucks!!! They will screw you and you will pay for this. They have no idea what they are talking about and offering you. Don't take any offers on phone!!! And what you can do better - don't go there at all. You can find and a cheaper and better company. Verison is sucks.

- Verizon H8er ID: E9EEDF

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