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05/19/11 | 15:54PM

We are a small business. We swithed from ATT to Verizon at the end of May. Within 4 days they turned our phones off because some paperwork was not complete. We were given 10 days (SAT/SUN, Work week, SAT/SUN) to get it fixed. The State does not work that quick even though we did our part the following Monday. Needless to say they cut us off AGAIN int he middle of our busiest work day. When we called they demanded Bank Statements, Drivers Liscenses, Utility Bills, 3 MONTHS of Bank Statements, and our Original TAX ID Form from the US Govt!! We decided to jump back to ATT at that point. But MICHEAL JOHNSON who is the A-Hole running the Fraud Department FROZE our lines until we produced the documents. He actually told me "You don't work for Verizon so you obviously don't understand our procedures". We had to produce the documents before they would release our lines. We're back with AT&T and will NEVER go back to Verizon EVER EVER EVER. HATE VERIZON........Customer Service??? I don't think so

mclev98@sbcglobal.net - Verizon H8er ID: F3D3EE

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