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05/26/11 | 2:29AM

Yup that is what they should change their name to after bankcruptcy! I wonder if one of their upper mangangement ever had enough brains to call their own company with a question after purchase of their own service? Probably not enough time in the day to go through all the voice prompts and then to wait on the next in line list of callers, only to be answered by someone who doesn't speak English. That's easy just say P as in pissed R as in retard O as in OH B as in brains L as in lacking E as in extremely and M as in mad.

Not to worry after about 3 days eventually you will get someone who feels for you and your problem. Now that doesn't mean they know how to schedule an appointment or solve your billing problem! You will probably have to plan a service/billing call somewhere in your 2 week vacation while you continue to pay your new outrageous bill that you did not agree upon.

NOW....Time for our 2012 New Years Resolution! Get yourself a second line through a different company give it to your contacts, and we just don't pay them!....They don't have enough compitent employee's to fix our service/billing problems so they certainly won't have enough employee's to collect their debt!!!

This is a not a criminal solution (like throwing 100,000 volts through their lines and burning them up) It's simply a civil action.....

Note: Sell your stock NOW their gonna fall and fast!

Frontier Justice - Verizon H8er ID: 939958

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04/06/19 | 12:41PM

Mariannaimarf - Verizon H8er ID: 75BF84

05/03/19 | 5:52AM

alcorie - Verizon H8er ID: 55AF36

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