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02/26/13 | 16:56PM

I've worked in IT for over 15 years and had to deal w/ verizon the entire time. I have NOTHING good to say about their support. every year you get a new "rep". the rep does nothing for you, his job is to sell you more verizon garbage. what really sucks is once you have a "Rep", tech support doesn't want to help you anymore. so you basically cant help yourself, support just says "oh you have a rep, call him" but the rep is always out selling stuff, never answers, never helps. its a system designed to fail.
they kept billing us tax when we've sent them tax exempt forms over and over. we deduct the tax from our bill and then after it adds up for a while they shut us off. these were fire alarm lines by the way. also our current rep complained that he got in a lot of trouble from a survey I filled out where I said alot of negative things about verizon. I thought those surveys were supposed to be anonymous huh? guess not.
liars, cheeters, scammers. they suck and they could care less.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FAEF95

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04/13/13 | 23:22PM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 176CDA

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