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05/30/11 | 23:31PM
Verizon triple bundle ripoff

In april of 2010 we signed on for a 24mth. agreement with Verizon told it would be 99.99 a mth. plus taxes. We started getting higher bills than before the triple bundle, bill's over 225 amonth, I called numerous times, getting put on hold, transfered to other depts. hung up on & screamed at, finally they started to bill us 101 a month, Yipee I'm thinking they finally got it straight, no mention from Verizon that we should have a 500.00 credit coming to us, than comes Jan.2011 & we start getting split bills, one for TV & internet, than the following week another bill for home phone & wireless, both costing over a hundred dollars, I begin my calling routine again, one rep. in which I happened to have on speaker phone & was recording, told us Oh no we could never give you a quad. plan for 99.00 a month, my husband says well whats this pink contract in my hand from Verizon that says this is what we signed up for? she had no answer just continued to give her robotic speach, I have filed a claim with the FCC. in hopes that they get on Verizon, as this is false advertizing, misleading the public & down right thievery, if I stole a sandwich in a convience store I'd go to jail for it! How can they get away with stealing from their customers? And since when is a contract not a legal binding paper pertaining not only to the customer but also the business that provides them, isn't that breech of contract? This is happening to hundreds of people imagine all the free money this outfit is taking in! Stay far away from Verizon, run them off your doorstep if they come knocking about Fio's & their wonderful try us deal, it sucks!

evelyn - Verizon H8er ID: 09E71D

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05/31/11 | 14:33PM
Asking for a copy of the contract is an excellent move. This is either an administrative snafu or blatant manipulation and ignorance by the employees/sales reps to boost productivity numbers.

Since this might come down to a contractual issue along with the FCC I'd might consider filing a complaint with the Federal or Fair Trade Commission(FTC) or the state Better Business Beauru(BBB) and/or write a letter to a local representative.

Also read the fine print in any materials you have because that's probably how they're going to justify what they are doing. Unless you get someone to fess up to a mistake you will have to fight because someone is trying to maintain their numbers ethically or unethically.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D9A7EE

04/07/19 | 4:28AM

DavidLot - Verizon H8er ID: 16241F

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