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06/03/11 | 5:59AM
I am crying after talking to Verizon rep (revised to include more)

I am so upset that I can't stop crying. i feel sick and sad. I feel attacked and hurt. I feel used and bullied by minions in command of the paycheck wielding giant corporation that is gloating in the failed economy...
Long story short, I ordered 3 phones online from a secondary vendor that in turn ordered my service from verizon. The advertised deal was that there was a trial period during which one could return the phones with no charges incurred. The charges appeared to be $130 per month. I had about a week to try out my phone. All of the phones were bad or the service was bad to the point where it was unusable, like trying to talk underwater. Then I found out that the bill was not $130 but was closer to $300 per month. I called to cancel and was bounced back and forth between DELL the "vendor" and Verizon the "provider", who had different ideas about exactly who I should be talking to, as well as way different time frames in which to cancel. The first Verizon rep I spoke to was very mean and told me that there was nothing I could do, I was stuck with the phones. Even though I was actually still within the time frame to cancel with the secondary vendor, it turns out that Verizon's time frame was much shorter, which I did not know until that moment. So I got very upset about that and kept making phone calls no matter how many times I was re-routed. Finally got a Verizon rep who said don't worry, you can still cancel and get no charges. So, thinking everything was ok, I sent the phones back and got email from DELL that they were received, only to get a bill from Verizon next month. So I called back again and was told something about a $200 fee, which I protested on the grounds that I had been told there would be no fees, as well as the fact that the advertisement was that you could return the phones with "no charges." So that rep finally told me it was Ok there would be $0 charges and I grilled him to make sure that included the extra $200 fee that he mentioned. He specifically told me not to "worry" that the charges would still show up and I would still be getting bills , but that each month some would come off, until finally it would show a $0 balance. I asked him how long this would take and he said just to "be patient" that if I was still getting bills by June, then I should worry. So I left that conversation feeling ok again, only to find that I was still receiving bills from Verizon, bills that MOUNTED instead of growing less, and even notices of overdue payment and threatened collection and credit history smirching! So I called Verizon back again, and again, and again... Each time is was as if I was calling for the FIRST TIME!!! No one believed me about what had transpired and I have told my story a million times. Each time they act as if I am a criminal who is trying to get away with something while at the same time they are trying to bully me into paying some part of the $1,500 on the bill! the phone service was canceled in 15 days, well within the 30 days given by Dell and the phones were returned in perfect condition and with all parts as agreed. Yet Verizon has billed me $1500, and the reps act like they are giving me the deal of the century by cutting it down! The last and final offer I got was to pay $112, which is %50 off for the "first month's service". Well, I thought that was the "trial period!"and we could not even have an intelligible conversation on those cell phones! We all hated them! The last conversation on my phone was connecting to my son in the next room asking him if he could hear me - and he couldn't. Yet the "supervisor" rep that I talked to today (almost 6 moths later) claims that there is no record of me stating this as the reason for canceling the phones *in February*! His stance is to keep repeating that I agreed in my online order to pay the $200 fee if i did not "return the phones within 3 days of activation". Yet, I did not RECEIVE the phones "within 3 days of activation" so how could I RETURN them? Ironically, today is also the first time anyone has mentioned the actual *reason* (the 3-day clause) for the $200 fee, they just keep saying that I have to pay for the "month I used the phone" WHAT???? What happened to the trial period? And I only had the phone service for 15 days before cancelling!
But no matter what I say, the only option I am offered is to PAY. when I turned down the "deal" the rep offered me today, the "$200" suddenly became $281, now including activation fees.
The thing that gripes me the most about it, besides the way that I have been treated like a liar, is that I was lied to by Verizon on two levels: 1. According to the advertising, I expected to have a trial period in which to test the phones and service, with the ability to return them and get all my money "back" if I was dissatisfied. (Let me reiterate- it was all bad- calls sounded like we were talking underwater.) 2. I was told by two reps"not to worry" that there would be "no charges." with the 2nd rep, I even specifically asked him about a $200 charge that he mentioned (that was the first time I heard of the unfailing $200 "access charge") Because it had already happened that I had been told there were no charges, but now there were more and more charges, I got him to repeat twice that there would be NO fees or charges billed to me. I was told to wait patiently for 6 months, which I didn't - but what if I had? Would things be any better for me now? I am still getting bills for $1,500 and being abused by reps trying to get ANY amount of money out of me for my two weeks of bad phone service.
Not only do I feel that I have been ripped off by verizon's false or misleading advertising tactics, but I have also been mislead by the representatives into waiting for 6 months before "worrying" about the bill not disappearing!
The worst part about it all is how it has made me feel. Like sick and shaky inside, hurt, and angry in a world ruled by mean tricksters who are out to shine the rubes out of every little penny they can get.
Please if anyone else has been there, contact me. This is my first stop. I am heading for the BBB and I am ready to join a class action suit with all of you. I believe that Verizon and DELL may be equally to blame here for making it confusing for the consumer to get justice, although most of my hard dealings over the last 6 months have been with Verizon so I have focused on them here. there is still more but this is the gist of it.

Dawn Jones - Verizon H8er ID: 081E33

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06/08/11 | 16:33PM
Aggressive sales tactics. But more improtantly in a statistical driven corporate culture many customer service reps along with sales reps are more worried about their numbers including the amount of credit they give or the lack of resolutions meaning if they hang up on you as far as they are concerned problem solved.

Always document, if not results after speaking to a supervisor or two go right to the regulatory agencies.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 03F070

07/18/11 | 13:56PM
You ordered service from an online retailer. Enough said.

Negrodamus - Verizon H8er ID: 0DF7FA

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RobertLoori - Verizon H8er ID: FCE751

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meptcene - Verizon H8er ID: F1D005

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