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06/05/11 | 23:56PM
Technician No Shows and 2 hour call wait time!!

I have had my NYC phone number and phone line for 20 years going into my apartment. I converted it to my business number, and we are in our season, so every call is vital. My mother was living in the apartment and I used it basically to call forward either to my cell or phone in my new home. All was fine until my landlord decided not to renew my lease, so my mother found an apartment across the street. My biggest fear was...what about my 212 number! It's actually less expensive to have a phone line with unlimited calls, then remote call forwarding, because you pay per call.

My fears have come true. First of all, try calling 1-800-Verizon and see if how many numbers you have to press to then be put on hold forever to reach a human being. Somehow, I reached someone and I scheduled a move time on the day of our move - June 1st, 2011. I stressed how important this was and was assured a tech would show between 8am and 12pm and was given a Work Order number by Ms. Cruz (I got her name). The day before, I called just to verify. Some rep verified the work order but said it was from 8am to 5pm! Also, they said my phone would be shut off until tech came. Not only did my Mom have to be at the apartment all day, but so did the super because the main box is in the garden through his apartment...

At 2pm, nothing. I called a local number and was put on hold forever. Someone said they should be on their way. Basically, they never showed! I was freaking out. Then, that night, we finally got to someone in Albany - Michelle. She said a tech was never scheduled at all and didn't need to be...which was a lie. She said she'd have someone come the next morning and gave us a "special secret" phone number to call if there was a problem. I have a picture of my mother on hold for 2 hours with that special number she gave us...Again, no one called or showed. Then, I remembered I wrote down a manager's name, Evelyn Mannheimer in Long Island. I got in touch with her. She was actually quite nice, felt badly, and said a person would come on Friday, June 3rd at 6pm. Again, the super had to totally rearrange his schedule as well...Guess what...NO ONE EVER SHOWED! This is so unbelievable. At this point, my calls are still being forwarded to my cell, thank god, but I don't want to pay rent at a place I've moved out of because of a phone line.

Mom did go to a Verizon wireless store and they have this new device - Home Connect where you can port your number into a box and put it in your phone line. It just came out, which makes me nervous, and it transmits like a wireless phone...Not sure what to do! Totally pissed and beyond frustrated.

Lezlee - Verizon H8er ID: AD4970

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06/08/11 | 14:22PM
I don't if I would to Verizon Wireless just yet. Start shopping competitors.

It almost sounds like a computer glitch or they're using contractors on that new connect but core should know that. Also a tech might be ahead of schedule or not have gotten access instructions like can be reached numbers for the office etc. But again core should have that on the ticket or work order. Just like they should know a tech no accessed the job.

Make sure you don't get billed until new install is complete. Phone number portability is possible as far as landline in many areas. I know people who went to Comcast and kept their same number.

Shop around, keep after them. Another missed appointment I start making reports to the state utility regulators ie PSC or PUC. Even the local BBB just to report unreliable service and business practices.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E838A2

06/09/11 | 2:31AM
The BBB DOES NOT handle Utility complaints. They are reported to the PUC or whatever the entity is in your area.

Vz tech - Verizon H8er ID: A7921D

04/09/19 | 6:03AM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: 8E7D2B

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