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06/08/11 | 23:12PM

A speedtest showed my computer was NOT getting the 1 MG I paid for. Called Verizon. After 10 transfers at 40 minutes each, I reached a person in India (I had trouble understand the accent.) But I got no satisfaction - repeat calls - no help. Verizon said I was getting what I paid for. I said: There is not enough to power my comuter. Back and forth - 40 minutes average wait. Called for over a month!!! Almost bought a new computer because Verizon said I WAS getting the 1 MG. They would NOT send a repair person here. WOULD NOT accept the info from the online speed-test. I upped to 3 MG. Still no change. I begged for a person to come and check Verizon's wiring. No, they don't do that, said India-based tech support. When I could not get on AT ALL, Verizon said my area must have had a city-wide power outage. Not so. FINALLY, a staff person came - Verizon connection had a broken outdoor wire. I switched to Comcast but said OK for Verizon's plan to keep my old eMail addresses. I paid $19.99 - a year in advance. This was active for about a week. Then cut off. Verizon said I wasn't eligible for this plan because I they didn't know where to bill me, since I was no longer a Verizon internet/phone customer. I said I paid a year in advance. Too Bad - says Verizon. So NOW -- I've lost the eMail addy's I paid for already. VERIZON IS HORRIBLE. DO NOT EVER SIGN UP WITH VERIZON FOR ANYTHING IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME AND YOUR SANITY. TECH SUPPORT IS IMPOSSIBLE. I SPOKE TO 10 PEOPLE (4 hours on the phone - transferred around, listed to music) TO TRY TO GET MY EMAIL ADDRESSES RESTORED (WHICH I PAID FOR), FINAL WORD: I'D HAVE TO RE-SIGN UP WITH VERIZON FOR THAT TO HAPPEN. STAY WAY FROM VERIZON!!!!!!!!

Helene Stephens - Verizon H8er ID: A1F87C

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