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02/27/13 | 7:06AM
Looking to sue Verizon my shady employer . Shady billing

I currently work for Verizon wireless it has been 6 years. The company's whole motto is to rape the customer hard earned dollars by shady ways.

One thing that I would like to help sue for is Verizon robbing everyone 6 dollars per line on every unlimited and 2gb data plan.

If u have unlimited data u usually get 20 percent off with employer discount thru a company u work for (not Verizon). So u get $6 off a $29.99 data plansIf u upgrade u are forced to go on a 2gb data plan which is billed at $30. And u lose ur $6 discount.Since the system to automated to discount 6 dollars off of $29.99 plans but not $30 plans. But when you sign your contract employees are told to say. It's the same cost in plan just u get 2gb instead of unlimited data. That is not true . U no longer get your $6 per line every month. That's $72 a year per line.

I know many shadier things Verizon does and am willing to work with a lawyer to sue my current employer

Vzwsanfranciscoemployee - Verizon H8er ID: 82C930

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02/27/13 | 7:22AM
We also fool customers into getting 2 yr contracts on mobile hotspots that are already free with the plan.

If your like most customers at vzw, chances r u were forced to change ur unlimited data plans for a share everything plan. We at Verizon are forced into "net costing" the customers account. We are force to qoute you with a jet pack in your 2 yr contract. Lots of time u pay a high rate from your old plan. Lets say u pay 210 on your plan for your 2100 min unlimited text and unlimited data and a total of 4 lines. We as employees are force into "lowering your bill" lets say by 10 dollars a month. We would tell u mr customer If u add this hotspot to your account for two years. I am able to lower ur bill to 200. A ten dollar savings and give u a free mobile hotspot modem. Ifu sign a 2 year contract and change to share everything. The truth is mobile hotspot comes for free on all share everything plans via smartphone for free you don't need a dumb dedicated modem. And your not require to sign a 2 yr contract to lower bill. And last but not least u could be saving 30 bucks a month. The mobile hotspot (which is free) charges u an extra 20 dollars a month for 2 years.

Vzwsanfranciscoemployee - Verizon H8er ID: 82C930

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