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06/16/11 | 7:40AM
Just Today... by IH8Verizon

Wow.... I have so many stories to tell about Verizon and the countless ways they have raped me over the years, but lets just start with today's encounter and I will post the rest later... sigh. After a long hassle getting my last phone (which is a story for another time) I realized the pictures I had saved on my old phone were not transferred to my new one (which is something they used to do, but apparently are trying to get by with not doing these days) so I went in today to get it taken care of. When I walked in I was "greeted" by a Verizon employee (I'm not so sure that she didn't have horns on her head) and when I told her I just needed my old pictures transferred she gave me an evil grin and said they would have to charge me $20.00 and I would have to wait 30 min before I could even get helped..!!! Yep! $20.00 and over 30 mins for something they used to do for FREE and immediately when you purchased a new phone... I had some pretty important pictures on my old phone that are irreplaceable, but I cannot give Verizon any more of my money to rape me with... I just can't. So there you have it. That's probably the shortest Verizarape tale I have to offer... stay tuned for more!

IH8Verizon - Verizon H8er ID: 0CF068

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