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06/20/11 | 13:37PM
Awful Tech Support/Service

Called tech Support because my wireless device was not being recognized by modem/router. they said they had to upgrade firmware on the modem to get it to work. When tech finished upgrading, i lost my DSL connection. Next guy said that it must have fried my modem/router and that i needed to get a new one. Went to best buy and got one that night (Thursday) and set it up. Still did not work. called tech suport Friday am and explaiend the problem. Was told a ticket was opened and that "someone from the CO" would call me on Saturday after they did a line test. Was out on Saturday, but when i got home saw no call was made to me. Called tech support again and was now being told that line test does not finish until Sunday. Called Sunday, was told line test finished, problem was on their side, but that they could not verify I had an account/was a customer. I said incredulously that I had been a DSL customer for almost 8 years (and that I was a VOL customer back to the days when dial up was the only option.) I was then told that the office they needed to speak to was not open on Sunday (in this day and age, how is one department closed on Sunday???) [All along, tech support people are nasty and talk with a chip on their shoulder.] I was told to callb ack at 8 am on Monday to see what is going on. Call at 8 am Monday (today.) After 20 minutes on hold, I get a tech rep who tells me they still cannot verify my account. I ask for a phone number to contact someone else. I also ask to speak to a supervisor, tech rep will not transfer me. I then ask to file a complaint and am transferred to billing (???). Finally speak to a billing rep that is actually trying to track down what is going on. On hold for another 30 miutes and then call gets dropped. Still don't know what is going on as of now. Cannot believe the treatment by tech support. Sick of teh call scripts I have to go through each time I call them.

GoingtoComcast - Verizon H8er ID: 5FFA1B

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06/20/11 | 13:59PM
Almost sounds like you were disconnected physically or in the system.-not your problem.

CO usually means central office or the equipment office where your outside line is connected to 'the system'.

Onething I noticed even with Comcast now is that they want your account number ready to go anytime you call in. If you called from phone number of record it didn't matter(caller ID helped verify the account).

I'd go after them for frying the modem. It might not be a software glitch there are tests and/or equipment that is used on copper wire that can fry equipment since most modern equipment runs off such low voltage.

It sounds like they won't reconnect you because who ever does that is waiting for a trouble ticket or new work order. Again not your problem. Give them one more call/another chance then tell them you are going to the state utility regulators ie the Public Service Commission or Public Utility Commission in most states. Also make sure you get credit for time out of service.

Good Luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0D30C4

03/10/19 | 16:28PM

imarly - Verizon H8er ID: 0C4C31

03/25/19 | 10:05AM
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