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06/25/11 | 2:16AM
Another Verizon Fios Horror Story

Two months ago, I moved. I arranged to have my FIOS package transferred to my new home on May 1. I arranged this on April 1. Starting in mid-April I got daily voicemail messages at home from a Verizon employee who identified herself as Miss Jeffries. Miss Jeffries said she would have to cancel my installation date and reschedule it for some time in *June* because I already had cable service at my new home. She didn't leave me a number where I could reach her (Verizon "customer service' reps never do), she just told me to call 1800Verizon. I did, and no one seemed to know what she was talking about. I talked to eight (8) different people and all eight told me my installation was right on track.

Sadly, none of them had spoken with Miss Jeffries. She cancelled my installation. I called back and had another person set it up again. Again, Miss Jeffries left me a voicemail message at home saying she was "forced" to cancel it. This went on for more than a week. Finally, on a 90 minute call a Verizon customer service rep finally looked at my account and found that they had my address wrong. My new home was on South Whatever St. and they had it written down as North Whatever St.

Every time I called, I told them what my new address was. They just don't seem to have looked at their screens all that closely.

Even when the problem was corrected, Miss Jeffries canceled my installation one more time. It literally took a threat of canceling my service to get it resolved.

Now I'm in my new home two months and suddenly I'm getting dunning calls from Verizon. Robo-calls. A recorded message tells me I'm behind in my bill, that my service is in jeopardy, etc. So again i call and spend HOURS talking to half a dozen or more
clueless CSR's until they finally connect me with someone in their Finance department. He tells me there's nothing wrong with my account, that I'm paid to date and always have been. He tells me to just ignore the calls .

Tonight, i tried to watch something On Demand and I got a message saying that my credit was bad or faulty or something. I called the number on the screen and I was disconnected three times. i called 1800Verizon and I was told that it was a problem only the Finance department could resolve, and they leave at 5:00.

I called Optimum. They're hooking me up on Tuesday. The only thing I wonder is, why did it take this crap for so long? I should PAY someone to treat me this badly? I'm paying them.

No More @verizon.net - Verizon H8er ID: 31E86D

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08/16/12 | 18:48PM
Verizon customer service is the worst in the world. It is truely a company that does not give-a- crap about its customers.
The entire business modle for verizon is to make money from tricks and traps and then make it almost impossible for the customer to resolve it.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B32DBA

03/24/19 | 11:01AM
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jackiezl16 - Verizon H8er ID: 138B2E

03/27/19 | 4:15AM
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CarlosJebra - Verizon H8er ID: 139DBE

04/16/19 | 12:21PM
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Thomasthick - Verizon H8er ID: 334F63

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