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06/25/11 | 3:22AM
Bent me over while being nice to me!!

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted verizon to see if they would do a good will deletion of the charge off i had with them showing on my credit reports. Before I contacted them, the item on my credit report was showing payment history of 9 months of failed to pay. This particular account I had with them was for their wireless data plan. I opened this account with them in the last quarter of 2007. When I was signing up for the account in their corporate store, I specifically asked if i was going to be able to use my corporate discount on my monthly bills. The rep said yes and added it to my account.

After 6 months, suddenly my discount falls off. when i called them to ask why, i was told that they just don't allow corporate discounts on that plan type. but i told them that the 2 year contract i signed with them was because i was told i get my corporate discount on the bill. i fight them for the next 3 months while paying the bill. finally, i just got fed up of getting the run around and just stopped paying my bill. this was already 2008.

now fast forward to when i tried to ask them for a good will deletion. like i mentioned, i sent out a letter asking if they could delete the account on my credit report or at least not show it as being 9 months of not paying my bill. they told me that unfortunately they can't do anything since it is a valid debt. so with my hopes of getting a cleaner credit report dashed...i settled to just waiting for the account to fall of my reports in 2015.

well guess what? a day or two after my conversation with their credit reporting department and a rep from the executive HQ....i get a notification on my credit monitoring services at myFICO.com. the alert told me that my credit reports have been updated. to my surprise, it was the verizon account. but it wasn't because of a deletion from my report....IT WAS TO MAKE THE TRADE LINE WORSE!! remember i laid out the dates at the beginning of this post. now the new trade line is showing that the account was charged off in 4/2007 with the date of first deliquency of 11/2008 and the account opening date of 12/2007. can you guys tell me what's wrong with those dates?!?!?!

yup!!...i didnt know that a creditor can charge off an account....ALMOST ONE YEAR BEFORE I OPENED IT!! and to make it worse...they updated my credit report that from 4/2007 until 12/2009, my payment history shows that i had failed to pay each month within those years! wow...i was bent over by the very friendly and nice rep from their executive HQ...while i didn't know he had me bent over and drilling me from behind!

TravellingNomad - Verizon H8er ID: E1E3F7

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06/25/11 | 3:38AM
to make it worse...i contacted them and asked why would they update the payment history like that. where they are mis-reporting credit information that is clearly a violation of FCRA. know that i was told? that its not them that reports payment history. that i would need to contact the 3 reporting bureaus because its them who is putting the payment history on the credit report...that all they do is report whether the account is closed or not and paid or not. i was really disgusted at how stupid these verizon drones (again from their credit reporting department and from executive HQ) think i am and that I am not familiar with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. i will be trying to get them to correct this crime they did on me by sending out another round of letters to their VIPs.

if they still stick to their story about how it's not them reporting the account history the way it is showing...i will not hesitate to take legal actions. and when i go that route...i will take nothing less than a deletion of the account from my credit reports. these people have the freakin' gall to say i failed to pay for for the whole time i had the account....indicating that they let me have service for almost two years without paying and without service interruption at that. and worse...they are trying to say that i failed to pay even going as far back as 4/2007....which is 9 months of me not having the account yet.

this surely takes the cake!!!

TravellingNomad - Verizon H8er ID: E1E3F7

07/06/11 | 17:17PM
I can relate...it seems that all they (V-zon)has to do is report your account in any fashion they seem fit to the credit bureaus and the bureaus simply post on your account without any documentation.It's just their word that crashes your credit rating.That in itself is a horrible procedure.You're guilty before you're(account) is judged for errors or misrepresentation or even fraud.I fault our credit bureaus for also raping our credit reports information for the benefit of some of these corporations whose in their back pockets to begin with.We have to do something to discredit these 3 agencies or at least turn them down a notch or two in power-mongering.They have screwed up countless individuals in obtaining credit when in fact the details of the incident have and/or are not properly verified.I not only hate V-zon but all credit reporting agencies...

Rob in Nokomis FL - Verizon H8er ID: 766EA2

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marianneqg69 - Verizon H8er ID: 9026E4

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