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06/25/11 | 6:17AM
7 years of loyalty...

Early this month, I spent over two hours on the phone with Frontier Airlines after they cancelled my flights. (They fixed me all up, complete with seat upgrades on the rebooks and future flight credits.) Actually, most of the time on the phone with them was during my "free calling" time, but since I placed the call 44 minutes before 9pm, it ALL counted as "peak." Now, I have a limited number of minutes, so I budget them carefully. Never in a million years did I think more than those 44 minutes would count - not nearly twice that, straight, that night.

Towards the end of my billing cycle, I needed to continually call a volunteer coordinator for an important volunteering opportunity until I got through, which took me 44 minutes making 6 calls per minute. I had no idea that I had blown through my minutes calling Frontier - why didn't I get a notification like I do when I run out of texts??? Each time I placed the call, Verizon charged me $0.45. That added up to over $30 in overage fees on its own, not to mention the 24-minute call where the coordinator kept putting me on hold to turn away callers. All she did was take my name and e-mail address. That last call alone cost me $10.80.

So I have a $90+ phone bill for a month where, really, all I got in return was jerked around. At least when other people pay $90 for a phone they get internet on it. I have had this number and service with Verizon for SEVEN YEARS.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5F1CFF

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