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06/25/11 | 23:31PM
LOST 40+ voicemails that I've been saving since 2005

I called to change my phone number, with the caveat that it was IMPERATIVE to me that if I change my number, my voicemails would not be lost. The rep did not know the answer to that most simple of questions (HOW ARE THEY NOT PROPERLY TRAINED ON THE ANSWER?!) and said her supervisor assures me that since I was still within the same state as my current phone number, voicemails would be saved.

It's impossible to emphasize how important my voicemails are to me and how emphatic I was that I was not interested in changing my number if it meant losing these precious voicemails. Some are business, but most are from a deceased relative and I have been saving his messages since 2005. The comfort and solace I would get from replaying these messages was something I was hoping the Verizon rep could hear in my voice and therefore be very definite in her answer to me.

I lost all of my voicemails after the number changed and called, literally in tears, to find out how I was given such wrong information. How is it that a question of such importance---WILL A CUSTOMER LOOSE ALL VOICEMAILS WITH A PHONE NUMBER CHANGE---not be an automatic known fact with ALL Verizon employees? How is something that could have such a devasting impact on some of their customers not given the utmost of truth in answering and how is it that a SUPERVISOR was so ill-trained?
A simple "sorry" and some extra minutes to my account means nothing to me. I want Verizon held responsible and I'm ready to pull an Erin Brackovich on this company. The insensitivity, the carelessness, the flip attitude, the absolute worst of customer service---all of it makes me sick and sad and ready to stand in revolt. They took away a snapshot in time for me that I will never be able to get back. I am livid that such a simple question was not answered with truth and respect for the devastating consequences mis-information could cause someone.
I hate Verizon with everything I have and if anyone else is starting a lawsuit due to this very issue, count me in.

Heather - Verizon H8er ID: 834943

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04/17/15 | 14:02PM
did you resolve the issue?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D1B2FB

03/30/19 | 14:01PM
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RobertLub - Verizon H8er ID: 737875

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