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07/02/11 | 23:13PM
Verizon Search Assist and Trace calls

Well... the 1st one is spam crap that constantly forces me to deal with them every time I have a fat finger. I called about it and got nowhere - did get a "support ticket" though (they could wipe their ass with it). I followed the online instructions to change .12 to .14 in DNS to no avail. Now my Internet speed when from 25 over 15 to 1 over 1 - sweet! I called again, no help, and found out that they charged me $54 for 12 trace calls that I placed tracing some robocallers offering me to update my Google listings 2 times a day. There is no disclaimer about the $4.95 charge to trace the call, and when you trace it you only get a pre-recorded message telling you to call another 800 # that will tell you to go to your local police station. So I demanded that they take this off my bill, and the rep told me - "since you have never been late and this is the 1st time this issue had come up, I will credit it to you" - not refund it, but credit, he made me feel like an idiot while giving it to me and made sure to let me know that they are doing me a favor, that is after I had my FIOS Internet charges for over 2 years for 25 over 15 and it was never provisioned properly, so I was paying but not getting it until I got a little more technical and figured this out. For those 2 years I got a $40 credit added to my next bill. I fucking hate this assholes. Their tactics are designed to make you hang up, and then they turn you into an extra traffic sending you email say something like: "Just like I promised, here is a link to our (do-it-yourself asshole) FAQs.
Spamming my browser, raping my intelligence, and then spamming me some more in my inbox while taking more and more of my money. I fucking hate them, but it's them or fn bright house, which is even shittier when it comes to speed and choices on top of the crap customer support.

Verizon Sucks wet ass - Verizon H8er ID: 3F5826

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04/07/19 | 2:40AM
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