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07/06/11 | 16:54PM
just another v-zon sucks story!

I short-sold my home last November and moved to a new residence.11 years ago,I place phone service in my home and 2 years ago placed a DSL line but dropped my phone service.When I went to move, I called these jerk-offs and asked to transfer my dsl line.They said I couldn't unless I went with FIOS at($59.99) my dsl line cost($26.99).I terminated because they wouldn't offer likable service or fees and so then they were kind enough to hit me with a termination fee of $70!Then when I refused to pay and they refused to reason or make any concession,they turned me over to their henchmen collection agency "AFNI" and their bill collectors pieces of s--t.So now I think I'll just go ahead and cancel both my cell phones and walk away from them once and for all.Their $70 termination fee dispute will turn into a loss of $100/month in what they get out of my current cellphones(that I've had for 4 years with them).Shame on their aggressive tactics!I've fought and argued with their a--hole reps long enough and my hope is that they all eventually lose their jobs and end up on the street and ponder their bad attitude and lack of respect for the customers they abuse on a daily basis...good riddance V-zon!

Rob in Nokomis FL - Verizon H8er ID: 3C00C2

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03/13/19 | 10:48AM

LeonardMat - Verizon H8er ID: 6403A4

05/05/19 | 23:24PM

AaronQuemo - Verizon H8er ID: 13881C

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