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07/07/11 | 17:26PM
Incompetent Crooks

Since the beginning of my service with Verizon on April 23rd, 2011 I have been lied to, had my call dropped, waited for unacceptable lengths of time, been transferred to 5 different people on one call and been told multiple conflicting stories. Customer service with Verizon is incompetent at best and the people are crooks at worst. When I received my package for self installation and set-up of my DSL wi-fi service in my new apartment, it didn't work. I called, customer service said they were "escalating" the complaint and would resolve the issue in 3 days. The next day, I received an auto call that said my issue had been resolved, however my DSL was still not working, I had no internet connection. I called again, asked them to look into the issue, and again they told me the same story and again, no internet connection, even through they said that it had been resolved. Over the next month, I called again and again and was told many times that they showed no troubles on my end, but that my internet was not working. Twice they said they were sending out a technician, and twice no one showed up, and when I called, they had no record of a service request having been issued. I also was told one time that the reason that my line wasn't working was due to an outage in my area, however, friends and neighbors with Verizon service had no troubles with their service. Every time I called they had a new excuse, records and notes were not taken, and people transferred me from agent to agent, department to department, each of them telling me that there was nothing they could do, and that there was another department to help me. Finally, more than a month later, on May 27th, a technician came out and fixed the issue. There was something wrong with the lines in the wall and with the connection outside my apartment. The technician was only sent when I threatened to cancel my account. When the technician was there, I called Verizon and spoke with a customer service agent who promised that the $130 fee for sending a technician out would be waived, and that they would credit my account for the month I did not have service as well as adjust my monthly bill for the next year by $10/month. I thanked them for their offer and accepted. The next month I had a bill that included the $130 fee as well as a full bill, no $10 adjustment. I called, the agent on the line said she was making the adjustments and that I did not have to worry. The next month, it was still there, and the adjustments had not been made still. I called, I spoke with a supervisor, and she said that she would manually enter the $10 monthly credit adjustment since the offer I had been made 2 months prior was not compatible with my account type. She also informed me that the adjustment request to waive the $130 fee had been disapproved. I asked to cancel my account, and my call was dropped en route to the appropriate department. She called back and said that she had spoken with her manager and that the fee waiver would be approved and that she would personally enter the $10 monthly adjustment for the next year. The person that I spoke to on May 27th who made the initial offer lied and fed me a bunch of bogus nonsense to appease me. I have never in my life had so much trouble or experienced such incompetence of service. I only received attention when I threatened to cancel my service.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 021BBA

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07/07/11 | 19:45PM
Consider yourself lucky you got a call back from them. Every time I got dropped while waiting to talk to one of their thieves, I had to initiate the call back to them AND start all over again with a new agent. This is their MO in an effort to wear you down and give up. It's that simple. This is the worst company in America right now to do business with. They treat customers like us just like the fools they think we are! Additionally, you will never win in a debate with their business office! Never give them electronic access to any bank account...period!

rob in noko fl - Verizon H8er ID: E00A0F

07/08/11 | 13:49PM
So true, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7FE25A

07/08/11 | 13:51PM
What a nightmare. They reel you in like a fish and you're on the hook wriggling away..sorry to hear.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7FE25A

01/03/19 | 23:35PM

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Danielsit - Verizon H8er ID: 00357F

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