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02/27/13 | 23:21PM
Verizon FIOS doesn't work and DO NOT set up auto draft payments

Service has never worked. Replaced my modem Replaced my set top box. Technician on site. No more FOX news on HD. Neflix doesn't work most of the time. Their own PPV doesn't work. and then try to call for help. Hung up on 3 times. Then call to cancel serivce. hung up on 5 times. Can't stop the autodraft unless you get them to cancel the service. The bank can't even stop it. This has been the WORST experience ever with a phone company. I cannot believe they are still in business!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A5008F

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03/08/13 | 16:30PM
Ouch, This is why I never do autopay or authorize automatic payment even with a credit card.

Document dates,times and who you've spoken to including their job title and first name at least. Try to find out a disconnect order number if one was ever generated. It sounds like an administrative problem.

TV problems are one of the most common complaints I notice about FIOS. Cable Tv companies don't seem to have problems with their bundles. With the unions and hang on by the finger nails management Verizon's internal struggles supercede customer service.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A381D8

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