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07/23/11 | 3:33AM
Verizon is a Hustle - Is there absolutely NO supervision of this industry!!

Verizon actually has better overall products at a reasonably cheaper price...in the end, however, you pay for it ALL! My cable box stopped working, and after 18 calls totaling 7.5 hours a representative their finally offered to replace my box that stopped working - yes a box that wasn't damaged and it took 18 calls. They charge you fees for services you did not order. All of a sudden they start adding video games and HBO and virus protection you didn't offer. When you call in it takes 20 minutes to talk to a person, and then pu get transferred 4 time and then hung up on. Like all the Otha posts, I have never ONCE received a call back from any of the 13 managers who were supposed to call me back. thirteen!!! It would be triple that but when I am waiting or a supervisor I am hung up on. Back to my added without my permission services, when I call to ...you know what FUCk Verizon!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A19DB5

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08/02/11 | 19:41PM
This company will eventually screw it up for everyone in the telecommunications industry.I work in the funeral profession and it got so bad the FTC stepped in and over-regulated our industry. It would be nice if all these phone companies would simply regulate and police themselves keeping the fox out of the henhouse but will never happen. I agree with you in some degree and that is V-zon needs a huge ass-whipping and all of their mid-level and upper management to go take a dirt nap and save the earth of their ongoing pitiful, bad business practices.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6D1A89

03/18/19 | 13:20PM
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lanaxd4 - Verizon H8er ID: 93D661

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