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08/01/11 | 5:10AM
13 months of $14.95 charges for photo cubbie?

I pay my bill online and get no paper billings. My husband is now in charge of the bills and informed me of a recurring charge of $14.95 for photo cubbie llc. I looked back and found the charges started in July of 2010 by someone named Cari Ratliff. I informed this company that they needed to provide proof connecting this person to my phone account and her ability to make changes to my account. I gave them 7 business days. They told me they would credit me 2 months and cancel my subscription. I told them I was forwarding this to the feds for fraud and that I was expecting a refund in the amount of $194.35 for the 13 months of unauthorized billing!

Mina Jo - Verizon H8er ID: 388A12

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08/17/11 | 6:08AM
you do know that the Photo Cubbie charge has nothing to do w/ verizon, right? if you don't want miscellaneous charges to show on your verizon bill, request a bill block.

Joe - Verizon H8er ID: F4A980

09/15/11 | 2:41AM
It just occurred to me this evening that for 4 mths. I have been paying 14.95 to Photo Cubbie...I don't know how this got on my bill either...of course no customer svc this evening...but will call tomorrow....this is truely fraud!!! Everyone should be watching their AT&T billing closer...

Oklahoma - Verizon H8er ID: 2C0625

01/17/12 | 18:31PM
Ditto: Since July 2010 and only now catch it with a max 90 day credit. Photo Cubbie is supposed to mail me what they have- of course to do so I had to give them more personal information to show theirs to be inaccurate or fraudulent. They would not even give me a web ID to follow up and see my account- ???
Will follow up when I have more info but looks like a data hack job through Verizon info and an insider making some $$

Joe - Verizon H8er ID: E4D36E

03/11/19 | 20:11PM
? 1600 games
? Support 24/7
? 20
? 100% 180


DonArtumiQ - Verizon H8er ID: FE6232

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