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08/01/11 | 23:27PM
Data packages f***** me over

So today I was going to get a new phone since my piece of crap phone is dying on me. I look through phones & I see the amazing thunderbolt by htc. I'm like OMG I want this phone, I see these little words on the right saying "data package required" I'm thinking to myself oh it doesn't sound that bad, I find out I gotta pay 30$ at least for the phone a month. AT LEAST!!. So now my parents don't wanna pay the extra 30$ for the stupid data package a month. I don't blame them I wouldn't either. So I check out the basic
Phones & I have never seen any uglier phones in my life. Those phones look like something that came out of my butthole. So now I'm gonna stick to this piece of crap phone cuz I'd just be buying another piece of crap phone if I get a basic one. Verizon you f***** me over.

Jonn - Verizon H8er ID: 4ECBBE

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08/02/11 | 4:27AM
I feel ur pain. Data package got applied to my acct. and after one day I was charged 580 bucks. Im the crazy guy that posted before you. I have never had an experience with any business that has been as negative as what I have been through with Veri--SIN. NEVER! Keep Truckn.

Insane Verizon customer - Verizon H8er ID: B95687

08/06/11 | 4:22AM
If you don't want a data package, than you don't want a HTC Thunderbolt. The phone is made for emailing and web browsing purposes. It would be completly pointless and would not function correctly without data services.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5803DA

04/02/19 | 0:30AM
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GeorgeWHemy - Verizon H8er ID: FC988E

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