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08/03/11 | 12:25PM
Prohibition for Ever?

I have been "floorded" by the ineptness of the CRS at Verizon. You can call ten times, ask the same question and get 10 different answers. And, it does not instill confidence in a consumer when the party taking your call can not be understood, talks "jive" or doesn't understand the English language.

Too, these CSR need training:

•learn to listen to the customer
•learn to let a customer complete a sentence
•learn to NOT argue with the customer
•learn to stay with the customer and not hang-up on them

I was on a family plan. After shy of four years my Motorola Razor died. I tried to communicate with Verizon for a new phone. They made the act of getting a new phone "rocket science". YES!, I became frustrated with the numerous CSR I spoke with but I never did what they accused me of saying in a letter from "the executive offices" of Verizon: "threatened to blowup our towers".

I have to believe that should anyone threaten to blowup communication towers the FBI, Homeland Security, state and local authorities would IMMEDIATELY be at my front door demanding to know what is going on. Nobody came to my door pounding and demanding to know what I was up to.

VERIZON has too many out-sourced contractors hiring illiterates misrepresenting them and running amuck. What kind of company vilifies the customer? What kind of company is unappreciative of a loyal customer? What kind of company sends an anonymous letter from executive offices prohibiting a loyal customer from ever using, or trying to use their service and prohibits them from stepping foot on any of their properties?

The family has replaced their service, 3 lines, with Sprint. We got more for about the same price.

SHAME on the "mental midgets" at Verizon.

Ohio - Verizon H8er ID: 14BA9F

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08/03/11 | 14:19PM
Update : Below is a Copy of the Letter the OP is Referring to -- Dave

Dave - Verizon H8er ID: 141F39

08/04/11 | 11:05AM
I would question this letter. The first sentence is a whole paragraph. "that during multiple July 25th calls to" Are their more than one July 25th? How about received multiple calls on July 25th? End with a period and not a comma. It lists the reps name,(big no no), an Account Manager on your Verizon Wireless account became quiet upset, etc., In this case the representative should be fired...It states that she became upset and threatenend to blow up cell towers. It does not
state your name. Next sentence is admonishing you for your language. There is a Federal law in relation to fowl language, but not as inappropriate or unacceptable behaviour.

Yes, Verizon can terminate your service. It is not immediate after a phone call. A bomb threat is handled a little differently. The representative needs to ask specific questions, a supervisor is notified to listen in on the call. All of this information is forwarded to our security office and in severe cases, Federal authorities are notified. You would either receive a call or a knock at the door.

This letter sounds more in line of an irate customer who is totally pissed off. Yes, Verizon can terminate an account, but it is not based on just a customer venting their frustration.

I would contact the number provided. See what information is on file. Who contacted you in the security, esclation department by phone and what was discussed? To your knowledge, no contact have been made. The only contact that you've received was a letter after speaking to a representative. Find out all of the facts. Get their name, contact number of who yor are speaking to. Ask to have this conversation put in writing. You need the dates and times that escalations/security office has spoken to you regarding this incident. Trust me they have this all on file(if they made a contact). I would then consider taking action against the representative if this is bogus.

Verizon is outsourcing like crazy. They are doing this in the wireless, landline, technical support groups and repair office. Why? They state they are losing money, all of it going into FiOS. Over the last 4 years the top 5 executives made over 248 million dollars. Top that,they have not paid corporate taxes. If they move the jobs overseas or to a contractor its a win win for them. No 401K, no retirement, no medical, less pay, very little overhead for training. The reps that have been with the company for any length of time are slowly getting shoved out the door. There goes the experience and customer service. A contractor can afford to be rude to you, hang up the phone, etc., an employee, is fired and with that all of their benefits.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 30957D

08/06/11 | 4:45AM
What exactly did you expect to happen when you called customer service and made a threat like that? Any company is going to disconnect your services in that situation.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 158E51

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