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08/04/11 | 21:03PM

the verizon co will go on strike on saturday. they are digging in their heels and will not negotiate. i love it for those lazy verizon workers from the ceo to the employee.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 20B4E2

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08/05/11 | 9:33AM
Why do you say VZ workers are lazy. Do you have a job? Have you had people watch you, when you work? How about following you , and videotaping you all day, i'm sure i'd see some times that you actually sat down at one point, get real!

tom f. - Verizon H8er ID: 4D7DB5

08/05/11 | 19:40PM
I am a Verizon employee & a union member. I work my butt off every day for a company that didn't pay a dime in taxes last year & had the audacity to put in for a $42 million refund!! The president of Verizon makes $55,000 per day. And he wants concessions the likes of which have not been seen in decades. I, personally, am not even hoping for more. I'm simply hoping to be able to keep my job, my benefits, my pension, & my paycheck, as they exist today.

For every worker you've experienced that seems to not be doing their job, there are 10 who are. Its unfortunate that those few give us ALL a bad name.

CMT - Verizon H8er ID: 4C712E

08/05/11 | 23:25PM
Since you've stated your're a union worker with this company, I assume you are in the service division. You guys have always been ok in my book. The problem(s) with V-zon lie in their business (customer NO service) unit who doesn't care one rats ass for the customers that keep you employed. They (CSR's)either are directed to or simply cannot figure out that WE are YOUR customers and we can and most likely will go with some other provider after their screwing/contract is over. That is this company's achille heel at least from my perspective.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 08E565

08/07/11 | 2:51AM
Quite blaming the csr, blame Verizon. No customer service, you're right. NONE. WHY???? Money hungry corporate greed. We USED to have customer service until we were threatened with our jobs. No more customer service, don't expect it. Its about profit. "Our department has to generate revenue" The official title is customer support sales and services. TRY SALES ONLY IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR JOB. Training..you mean, when they send managers to India, Mexico, and any other region to learn how to do our job and sound more American. How would you like to have your job, benefits, retirement taken away by the company you work for? To turn around an outsource it so they do not have to pay as much...I bet you'd have a different opinion. You blame the csr, that's laughable....blame companies like Verizon and corporate greed.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 24B1EC

08/07/11 | 14:08PM
Verizon employees are not all lazy. Yes there are definately some employees & management with poor work habits.

The problems today started in the monopoly days of the old Ma Bell. The cry baby bells inherited the attitude of Mommy Bell and that includes the employees and management who never got over the fact that wouldn't be the only game in town. But yet act like it to this very day. That's why the union and management have dug in their heels.

If you see lazy workers today it's because their formative years were spent under the guidance of old mommy bell employees with an attitude. After the break up of 1984 it became a get away with what ever you can attitude-fueled by the mindset of where else are you going to go for service as a customer or as a company needing techs. Or even where else are going to go for a job with the skills mommy Bell taught you.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6F5AA8

08/11/11 | 14:09PM
"Quit blaming the csr?" Hey, it all starts at the top and goes downhill including the csr's. I know, I dealt with many of them and most, if not all of them either hung up on me requiring multiple attempts/phone calls to settle my problem, sending me into the phone tree of hell bec they prob didn't want to deal with my anger management issue they themselves caused due to their apathy and they just seem to have an indifferent attitude like they did with my (implied) contract termination issue that went unresolved and to collections.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5714EC

08/15/11 | 20:55PM
Can't stand this crybaby bell but I cannot stand the union grandstanding in public and/or trying to use/exploit the public either.

If you want to picket fine but the CWA/IBEW has to make their message much clearer especially to the public in residential neighborhoods. If you want to picket at someone's house at least make the point of the picketing that the customer is NOT getting a regular nor experienced tech & service. But to shout vulgarities scab scab etc does not necessarily equal good PR. Nor does it sway people out of service if you are impeding their service call.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 511E68

04/10/19 | 1:54AM

GregoryWaf - Verizon H8er ID: 1ADCC2

05/03/19 | 13:21PM
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Williamslord - Verizon H8er ID: AF67E7

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