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08/08/11 | 1:07AM
Down the Rabbit Hole

About three weeks ago, I went online to implement an order to unlist my landline phone number. Along the way, I looked at some promotional information for FIOS and must have entered an order without realizing it. A few days later, I received a call to confirm that I wanted to discontinue my DSL, and establish FIOS internet and voice service. I asked the CSR to cancel both orders, and she said she did.

A few days later, I received another call to confirm that I wanted to discontinue.my DSL and establish FIOS internet and voice service. I told the CSR, no. I want my service exactly as it is now.

The next day, my voice service was turned off. When I called to investigate, I was told that I was no longer a copper customer and that a "whitebox" had been installed and I was receiving FIOS service. I told the CSR that this was not the case, I had no whitebox, didn't want one and just wanted things the way they were. She said she'd try to fix it, and re-established my voice mail.

The following day, I spoke to a more helpful CSR who investigated extensively, and determined that they could not fix the problem through the system and needed to send out a technician. He came a few days later (fully a week into my having my service turned off), poked around and left without telling me. I called Verizon to see what happened, and was told that the problem had been referred back to the office since it was not a wire problem. I pointed out that the tech had been sent out because it was determined that it was not something that could be fixed through the system. She told me that she was going to pass the situation to an escalation specialist, who would call me within a few hours. This person never called.

Over the next few days, I called repeatedly and was told by copper service CSRs that I was a FIOS customer, and by FIOS CSRs that I was an incipient copper customer, and neither kind of CSR could help because they were locked out of making changes. Each time, I had to navigate through the auto attendant system, which always tested my line, etc., burning through my cell minutes.

During one call, I was told that my copper voice service had been re-established and that they were about to implement my request to turn off by DSL. I told him that I could assure him that my voice service was not working and that by turning off the DSL, Verizon had now spent two weeks doing exactly the things I asked them not to do at the outset. He put me in a queue for a escalation specialist, but I had to hang up after about 30 minutes on hold.

Today (Sunday), I thought it was strange that I had received no voice mails, so I called my number. It was answered by an auto attendant at a real estate business a few blocks from me. That was when I gave up and decided to sacrifice my phone number and six years of perfectly contented Verizon service, call Time Warner and will have a new phone on Wednesday and already have internet since I had a modem.

Through this hellish experience, I never once received a phone call from Verizon, was never connected (despite asking repeatedly) with anyone with power to go off the script and recognize that this was a weird problem that needed someone's close attention for a few hours. I also lost my phone number and nearly two weeks of landline service.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 461A49

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