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08/08/11 | 21:30PM
VZW Refuses to Replace microSD card phone came with

So last night my droid x showed that my microSD card was blank and had an unsupported file system on it. I've tried to reformat it (the phone refuses to format the card), rebooted the phone, unseated and reseated the card, and still nothing. The card is corrupt. I called support today and they told me that I have to call Motorola to get a replacement. I even went to the store since they have up until now been better then dealing with 800 support. I started to tell the representative what the problem was and I wasn't even half through the problem when he cut me off and told me they cant do anything and that the card has its own warranty and I have to call an 800# for help. His coworker cut in and told me it was a freebie so they weren't obligated to replace the card. My opinion is that the card came with the phone so any issue with the card is between VZW and Motorola, not pawning me off to someone else. I'd expect this kind of crap with AT&T, considering I left VZW to get an iPhone then came back to VZW to get a Droid X. Before I went to AT&T, VZW kissed my a$$ if I had any problems, but now they are showing that their service has gone down the toilet. They don't want to do ANYTHING for you at all. No concerns about pissing off the customer, as long as they don't have to take blame for a problem, then everything is ok to basically tell the customer that they are SOL and they don't care about your problem.

Keith - Verizon H8er ID: 7DDE58

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