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08/09/11 | 16:32PM
It's a Good Thing I'm not a god

A little over a month ago I moved to Philadelphia. I researched options for internet providers and found that Verizon was cheapest. Thus begins my tale of woe at the hands of evil incarnate. I applied for a new Verizon account, it seemed everything went through fine, but I was deceived. They were to call or email me within 24 hours. Two days passed, no call no email. I called the very heart of thenest of devils, the customer sevice department. After having their way with me, transferring me several times to dead end numbers, forcing me to recite my personal info to one evil minion after another, I gave up on the brink of tears, defeated. I tried again the next day. Somehow I was connected with a demon who seemed to know more than the rest. She told me my entire account and order had been cancelled because someone with my same name (who irrelevantly had a different address, birthday and social security number) had failed to pay her account and it was 'delinquent.' So, with this new demon's Apple of knowledge I set up a new account. I was told that my modem was to be shipped the next day and that my internet would be activated a week later. I received the modem a few days later, and I did something terrible then, I had hope.
The day of my internet activation came and went. No call, no email, no internet. I confess I didn't have the heart to call. I would rather have to ward off Jehovah's witnesses, or step in dog poop three times in one day than call that pit of hell (Verizon). So I waited three days for a miracle, and on the third day Verizon emailed me. They were sorry for the delay. That was all, and a lot of red blurry graphics that I suppose was their logo. No info on why it was delayed, when I would have internet, noffink. So, bless my heart, I called them. After an hour of waiting, listening to the moaning and gnashing of teeth they call music, I spoke to a young man who informed me that my entire house needed to be rewired for me to have internet."When was I going to be informed of this?" I asked, "oh, I see here we had scheduled someone to call you today." I laughed then, told that deceiver, "yeah right." And asked him the important question, "When will I have internet?" And he said..."well the earliest available appointment for a house call is two weeks from today. I confess, I went off, but to no avail. It's what they want, your anger. It's what they thrive off of.
So, today was they day of my appointment, and would you believe it, the little bloodsucking devils have gone in STRIKE! Yes, they have! No one to call now. The demons are vacationing, in hell or Detroit or something. If I were a god, I would destroy them all, and most of congress while I had the lightening bolts out. Then the world might have a chance

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CA352E

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08/11/11 | 13:57PM
Congratulations! You have earned the t-shirt! Wear it well! it is truly a pitiful operation they call a business...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 97B69A

01/04/19 | 21:28PM

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Danielsit - Verizon H8er ID: BF5065

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