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08/15/11 | 20:21PM
they are violating the american tax payer

I could tell a long story but I think the fact that they pay ZERO taxes and got over a BILLION in tax refunds speaks for itself!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 783CE9

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08/15/11 | 20:47PM
Not paying taxes yet still benefiting off much of the infrastructure built while a government sanctioned monopoly.

This is what makes me laugh when they complain about landline. They didn't even have to buy rights of way or place new manholes, poles or conduit. All they had to do in most neighborhoods in place the fiber and equipment in/on existing plant.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A29135

08/15/11 | 23:17PM
Fios cables and pull boxes were placed in the existing road right of way. This method leaves many homeowners no means to complain. VZ did pay dearly for the time consuming process of obtaining city, county and state permits. They tried never to attach to pole lines here in the Sunshine State. I have heard of horror stories of Fios aerial construction in the Northeast.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EBF622

08/16/11 | 14:17PM
Paying for permits etc is much cheaper than having to place poles or dig up the streets to place manholes and conduit or bury cable. The frame work or backbone for the Fios network was in place in many areas.

They keep complaining it doesn't make money. But Fios is new enough they haven't even had time to recoup all the placement expense. And when a customer gets Fios their bill doubles in most cases from a 40$ a month pots line to 100$ plus for Fios.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A29135

09/04/11 | 20:02PM
OK folks. Former Verizon Technician here from the Northeast. 1st, in most cases Verizon OWNS the poles. If they don't then the electric company does. If the electric company owns the poles then Verizon has to pay the electric company to be 'attached' to the pole. And the same for the electric company. They pay Verizon to attach to the Verizon owned poles. And in most cases the CATV companies do not own ANY poles so they pay to whom ever does. Remember, phone and electric were around much longer then CATV. Manholes are owned by the phone company. If CATV needs to use one of Verizon's manholes for whatever reason they pay to lease the duct space. Electric AND phone,CATV are NEVER in the same manholes......a very major NO-NO. In most cases there are easements allowed by the cities and towns which have been in effect for close to or maybe more than 100 years.

And to let you know.......in the northeast and probably other Verizon areas the new fiber optic cable placed for Fios was 'overlashed' to the existing copper cables on the poles. For 2 reasons, 1/to save some money because they did not have to place another support strand and hardware. 2/Clearance issues with other utilities like CATV and most important......electric lines. There are specific clearance distances that have to be follwed for safety reasons.

Hope that clears things up............

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 076EA5

05/13/19 | 6:45AM
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