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08/17/11 | 1:56AM
Go strikers

Let's all support the 45,000 strikers that are fighting this company. Just because these greedy corporatists want to raise their stock price on the backs of middle class Americans trying to get by in hard times. I have a neighbor and a family member that were both wronged by this company. In both cases they got Verizon dsl in Los Angeles. It worked for about 2 weeks, then suddenly no connection at all. You would be dealing with tech support in India, and they would promise a tech for the next day at 9am, but they would never show up! Well, both customers left the company for cable (Charter & TW) (much better). Then they installed Fios on my street. One day a sales lady for VZ came by trying to sell me, and I told her about how evil I thought the company is. She responded with "we don't outsource anymore" (I doubt that!). I told her that even though the FIOS technology is superior to my cable company, at least it worked. My neighbor got FIOS, and he came over telling me he couldnt get to Google and Craigslist one day...LOL. I will never do business with them.

Chris - Verizon H8er ID: 648487

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08/17/11 | 3:37AM
I support the strikers but in reality no job or compensation level is forever. Outsourcing sucks, cutbacks suck, givebacks suck. Verizon does suck.

The public has to realize union members are not the only ones with a sense of entitlement to a job & pay. I know white collar workers layed off a few years ago who turned down 65K a year jobs because they came from a 100k a year job. They feel they worked hard and put in their time. Almost a sense of entitlement. But like the union tech who never got fully certified and/or recieved outside formal schooling many middle managers never got their 4 year degree or took outside courses. I don't think the union realizes exactly how competitive it is out there.

The union has got to realize they can be replaced. They cannot be replaced over night but they can be replaced. The technical work they do is not that unique. It does take a special breed to work outside in the elements or up a pole at height or in a manhole. But from the technical side the work they do is not unique.

There are contractors out there that hire people off the street at 8$ an hour for Cat5e and fiber cross connects. I bring up Cat5e because many of the 30$ an hour techs think that they are some of the only techs that handle that "special" cable. Businesses have been using it for over a decade with little or no baby bell assistance.

Verizon and their executives are greedy corporate whores. But the CWA/IBEW show a few signs of that same greed with their sense of entitlement. They should negotiate for formal outside training and certification. If an employee/union member flunks out so be it but that is the only true job security they will have-education,training and certifications/licensing.

By the way that same white collar worker who turned down lesser paying jobs is in bankruptcy and still unemployed.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2006AB

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