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08/17/11 | 2:32AM
breach of contract

I sent this letter to you on 7/20/2011
“Hello Mr. Tang and I seem to be hitting a wall with customer service in your area. I have recently renewed my contract with Verizon and have entered into two contracts that I agreed to; one was for the two year service provided by Verizon, and the second contract (verbal) was for my new phone. Verbal contracts for the sale of goods are legally binding as long as they do not fall into the category of the “Statute of fraud”. The service contract was agreed upon “only” because of the offer that was given to me for the new phone. I have tried to resolve my issue with your customer service department three times and have sent two emails via Verizon’s website and have found no resolution.
My issue is with the business ethics that were performed to sell me Verizon’s product and that the contract that was agreed upon was not held to for the new phone. The verbal contract that I entered into for the phone stated that I was allowed to make payments on the new phone instead of paying the entire amount all at once. Now this was the offer given to me from the sale manager on 7-12-11, and I agreed to it. We had come to this agreement due to the fact that your competitor AT&T was offering me a 4G phone, by Motorola, for $50 and Verizon was only offering $300 for the same type of phone. I decided to stay with Verizon only because of the phone contract that I was offered. Needless to say I looked at my bill three days later to find that I had been charged with the full amount of the phone. When I called customer service they looked in there call log to see that I was in fact telling the truth about the phone deal but told me the only way that I could make payments on the phone was to let my bill go into default by 12 days and then I could set up a payment plan through financial services. I called financial services to see if there was anything that they could do to help me out and they replied the same. They also mentioned that I might be charged with late fees until the full balance was paid. I have talked with three different departments about this issue with no resolution other than letting the bill go into default. I don’t want to look like the bad customer and go into default. All I’m asking is that I receive what I signed up for.
My view of Verizon’s “outstanding” customer service has definitely been shifted. I think that it is preposterous that I should have to let my bill fall into default, and I know that this situation can be resolved by Verizon. Too much of my time has been expired on this issue and this is the last time I am going to try to resolve it. I am so frustrated with the business ethics that have been exposed here that I am compelled to write an article Titled “Does Business Ethics Fall with the Economy” and forward it to several media hubs that translates into 2,000,000 plus followers and send a carbon copy of this email to Clark Howard.”
Now to catch you up to speed; I was told the only thing I could do was to let my bill go into default and make payments on my equipment over a period of time or return the equipment and return to my old plan. I accepted the payment plan and the terms of the new contract by letting my bill go into default. Now on the call log it stated that I was told I could make payments according to the finance departments terms, this is not the actual truth. I was told that I could let my bill go into default and set up payment arrangements for the equipment but when the finance department call me I was told that under no circumstances could I make payments on equipment of any type and who ever told me this was giving me bad information. So now I’m told that my total payment is due September 2nd. I had entered a nether verbal contract that acted as the terms to my original agreement to the two year contract. I would not have kept the phone, thus terminating the original contract, had I know that the terms to the verbal contract were going to be breached. I want to send the phone back and have it removed from my bill and return to my previous contract in which I have no obligation. I am waiting for a response and I have sent an article to the Clark Howard show. Now how the entity of Verizon intends to respond will also be up dated to the Clark Howard show. Plus this article will be posted on several blogs. I’m done wasting my time pursuing this issue. I will be using specific names in my article as well.
Thank you for your Timely response, Roger Tang

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FA0C95

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08/17/11 | 20:18PM
When you recieved the phone was there anykind of reciept when first recieving the phone showing a credit. You need somekind of document with the free phone at least showing a credit for the phone.

Make them produce the call or contract that says you agreed to pay for the phone.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F41D67

12/29/18 | 11:01AM

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Danielsit - Verizon H8er ID: E049A7

01/14/19 | 23:46PM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: 919C52

01/19/19 | 11:26AM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: 919C52

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