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08/19/11 | 19:42PM

I have been a customer (paying on time for 3 years) and lost my job. I have been doing odd jobs almost entirely for my phone bill but the money doesn't always come on time. For years there were no problems, but ALLTELL was bought by Verizon and i started to see artificial charges on my bill, but paid them like a fool. Finally my phone got disconnected (even though i told them i had the money) and they refused to take the disconnect fee and taxes off my bill. I tried to go in and talk face to face with a rep and they lied and told me there was nothing they could do they just "Sold verizon equipment there." I was not even given the location of a place where i could talk to a person in person about my bill. The best she could say was, "Grand rapids somewhere." Robbed me of 17 dollars and despite my pleas for them to understand my future years of service would more than make up for the 17 dollars they were wrongfully charging me for and the customer service rep actually yelled at me and talked over me on the phone... ARE YOU KIDDING ME. She told me that a utility company wouldn't make deals with a person, they would just turn your electric off.(which they wouldn't!) Like Verizon is some necessity for life. I told her that there weren't many options for electric, but she could bet i would find a new cellphone company. I'm sick of it. Pray i never see a charge I'm unfamiliar with or bill I'm uncertain of again in my life. What a nightmare.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 91C552

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08/28/11 | 1:05AM
You are an idiot! Why would a company credit charges that are there from your local government? What makes you so special?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A599A8

09/16/11 | 11:37AM
i don't think you understand... those charges are not from local government. They are disconnect fees verizon charges that you have to pay because someone supposedly has to be paid to flip the switch on/off on your account(even thought it's done electronically) That's what this guy is talking about retard

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 91C552

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