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08/24/11 | 17:29PM
Verizon, the crooked company

I received a coupon a year and a half ago. It offered a triple play with $89 per month for 2 years. I called and made a contract. The customer service conveniently forgot to put a coupon code. Instead of $89 plus tax it should have been around $115 total, I received bills totaling $230 to $220 every month. I payed those amount for 2 months and finally thought this was not right. I complained for 3 months tried to talk to them about 30 times, taking off work just to talk to them. After I called them about 3 months, they told me they can't change the coupon deal but instead they would give me a discount for a year and after that I have to call back to fix for next year's billing problem. Sure enough they raised the price before a year. This time they refused to fix it. They completely refused to change the bills which they added illegally and refused me an attempt to talk to the same manager. If they plan to change the contract on their own why did they offer a contract in the first place? I'm now have to pay cancellation fees and extras.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D046FF

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