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08/30/11 | 0:18AM

Called Verizon 4 days ago and told them where they could put my Droid X...right up their ass. They tried to treat me as if I could not afford the cancellation fees that came with the account. Kepth throwing in my face about the next month bill being SO HIGH...I finally told them, "I dont give a fuck," give me the total amount & I will pay the damn bill right now....

You wont miss me Verizon, im sure of that..The feeling is mutual. I went to AT&T & I am well aware they are worse than Verizon, but at this point, I dont care...VERIZON IS BEHIND ME NOW & IM enjoying the moment!!! If AT&T treat me the same way, I will boot their asses out of my life as well....Simple as that..its too many companies out here...

Having a Verizon Divorce Party friday...hehehehe

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 09F200

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03/06/19 | 16:41PM

Toopuro - Verizon H8er ID: CB5FAF

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