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09/04/11 | 6:55AM
almost two years with a phone that didn't work

I was previously on my ex boyfriends family plan, and after the break up I transferred my phone number to a family plan with my father. Ever since that event over A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, my phone did not work. When someone would call me, 9 times out of ten, I would not be able to hear them, and vice versa. I would have to hang up, call them again and THEN it would work. I called VZW's customer service, and they replaced my phone. I have gone through five phones, refurbished, brand spanking new, different models--we've covered everything. They insisted it was the phone despite the fact that I had made it clear that it was OBVIOUSLY not the phone. It took them five phones to figure this out. Only THEN did they forward it to their technicians. The technicians "worked on it" for months, and when they would call me to update, guess what? MY PHONE DIDN'T WORK. I had no way to call them back since I did not have their extension. ONCE they left a voicemail, I called the number and guess what? IT WASN'T WORKING. I reported them to the FCC, and at that point I received a call from someone, they gave me a new phone, and closed my case saying they would continue to work on it. When I called to reopen my case because it obviously didn't work, they gave me the run around. I finally gave up. I went with AT&T. When I tried to cancel my dad's line, the lady told me I couldn't cancel because I was ONE DAY into my next month's cycle. There was absolutely no way. Bullshit. So what she did was lower our plan to the lowest $30 plan for that remaining month. Well guess what? My bill arrived,and it's still the same old $90 dollar bill for 700 minutes my dad did NOT use. She didn't change it. I'm so LIVID right now. Fuck verizon, I've paid hundreds of dollars for a phone that didn't work, and shitty customer service. I guess it's my mistake for sticking with them for so damn long hoping they'd fix it. But this has by far been the WORST customer service I have ever received. I am appalled.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C7E1EF

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09/04/11 | 19:43PM
Go to Consumer Cellular........No problems, great customer service. And I believe AT&T is their carrier.



Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E5994B

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