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09/11/11 | 1:25AM

I recently signed up for Verizon. No intension on getting mobile internet, but they sold me on a 4G modem. I got it for free with a 2 year contract. 3 weeks later it got stolen, along with my computer and more. I went into Verizon and asked how much to replace it, they want $300. I cant afford it right now, they said you should have got insurance. Now I have to pay $200 to cancel the line, or pay for 2 years of service with no device. Meanwhile, there selling these modems for $49 to everyone who hasnt been tricked into a contract yet. It just seems like they get off on taking your money. There all accomadating until you sign that contract. Then the Raping begins!!! I have plenty of Rape stories from Verizon, but I just dont have the time.

Just another Verizon Rape victim - Verizon H8er ID: 7D80F4

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