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09/15/11 | 3:07AM

So my internet goes down every time there's a thunderstorm. (I can literally tell you how far away a storm is by how the internet acts.) I call the service number....

-15 minutes navigating verizon's voice activated menu for internet tech support (extra fun with small children in the room. apparently a baby hiccup can confuse it.)
-finally ended up repeatedly hitting "Zero" for a live person.
-10 minutes on hold waiting for a rep, listening to elevator music
-3 minutes speaking to rep named Tracy.(btw, the connection line was so static-y I had a hard time making out what little he said to me.) And why do we have to enter the number we are probably calling from anyway to only have to repeat it to the rep??
-put on hold for another 16 minutes (I got the dishwasher emptied and refilled.)
-call back: 4 minutes navigating voice activated menus (I learned!)
-8 minutes on hold (adding blurbs of pre-recorded "tech help" in the music)
-quasi helpful tech person named Jeff answers, runs through the same paces as the last guy
-tests the line (whatever that means) requiring another 10 minutes on hold
-can't determine the issue on their end. (?!)
-he sends in a service ticket through his supervisor to be "checked out" with in 48 hours (again, whatever that means) and suggests I call the billing dept. for a credit on my bill (which btw currently has about $12 of monthly "taxes, fees and other charges." I thought that money was to "better the information infrastructure" or some shit. Is that why the junction box for phone lines by my house looks like a giant rats' nest? I guess the tarp wire tied over it "fixed" the problem there.)

This is not the first issue I've had with miserable service and poor customer service with verizon. When the service was set up at this address, I upgraded our basic local to regional with VM and caller ID since it's the same price as what we had.

I had to call them back to:
A) find out the stupid pin number for the VM box
B) actually activate the caller ID (some where between me saying "yes, please sign me up!" and actually turning on the service there was a terminate service ticket issued. (WTF?)
C) get the internet speed I upgraded, too.

10 years ago when I had their cell phone service, when I went to shut off the plan (out of a contract period), it took them 2 months after I asked them to terminate the service to stop billing me. And that's because I just stopped paying them.

I have to wonder how many people out there are just paying their bill every month and not even aware that they are probably not getting the service that they are paying for. I am seriously looking into other internet/phone options as soooon as this contract runs out.

In short: I hate verizon.

the color plaid - Verizon H8er ID: 75C9A4

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